SleekGoatee - Goatee Shaving Template

  • Perfectly Shaped Goatee Every Time – The ultimate beard guide shaping tool to shape a perfectly even and neat goatee every time and in less than 1 minute. Ideal for both goatee aficionados and first-timers.
  • Adjusts in Height & Width – SleekGoatee is the only goatee shaving template on the market that is adjustable in both height and width for a guaranteed perfect fit.
  • Maximized Skin-Adherence – Thanks to its L-shaped design, our goatee shaving stencil will adhere tightly to your skin all around its edges. So your razor will never slip and always create neat lines.
  • Define the Chin – The area under the chin is a crucial part of a well-shaped goatee as it adds depth and defines a more masculine jawline. SleekGoatee is the only goatee template that targets this critical area.
  • Portable and Easy to Clean – Our goatee shaping tool can easily fit in your bathroom drawers or a toiletry bag, and it can be cleaned under water as it contains no metal parts and will not rust.

Always get a neat, evenly shaped goatee thanks to the fully adjustable SleekGoatee Goatee Shaving Template.

A crooked goatee will ruin a man’s look. But achieving a perfectly shaped and neatly defined goatee at home can be challenging and frustrating, while going to the barber every time you need a shave is expensive and time consuming. That’s why we created the SleekGoatee Shaving Template, a fully adjustable beard shaper that forms an attractive goatee every single time and in less than one minute.

You simply adjust the height and width of the template to fit your face, hold it firmly in place with one hand so its edges adhere tightly to your skin, and use a razor or trimmer to define your goatee and look great in just minutes. Quick, easy, and completely adjustable, it’s the best choice for shaping your goatee at home.

Product Details:

  • Goatee Shaping Tool & Shaving Template
  • Fully Adjustable in Height and Width
  • Maximum Skin-Adherence
  • Ideal for Goatee, Van Dyke, Circle Beard
  • One Sizes Fits All
  • Reaches Under the Chin
  • Home or Travel Use
  • Easy to Clean and Maintain
  • Trusted Satisfaction with Free Returns and Money Back Guarantee


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