SideCheek - Shape your beard

  • Trim and Shave Symmetric Lines – Designed to help you keep a perfectly neat and symmetric beard line, this beard shaping tool guarantees a close, even shave or trim for your cheek lines thanks to a revolutionary design.
  • Three-Dimensional Design for Improved Lines – SideCheek is the only beard shaper on the market with a three-dimensional design that provides more support and will keep your razor or trimmer from sliding accidentally. This will result in cleaner, more defined lines.
  • Unblocked View – Unlike other set-square-looking products on the market, with SideCheek you will be able to clearly see your current beard line while positioning and using the template thanks to its hollow design.
  • Curve or Step Cut – Our beard guide and stencil gives you for the perfect curved cheek line or a sleek step cut. It can be positioned at different heights and angles to achieve the desired beard style.
  • Comb, Points of Reference, & More – SideCheek is the all-in-one beard grooming accessory for men, featuring a beard comb and multiple vertical and horizontal points of reference for easier positioning.

Always get crisp, symmetrical, clean cheek-lines in just minutes thanks to the revolutionary SideCheek Beard Shaping Tool.

Going to the barber every time you need your beard edged and cleaned up can be both expensive and time consuming. And every man knows how challenging it can be to obtain symmetrical, uncrooked beard lines on your own. That’s why we created the SideCheek Beard Shaper, a three-dimensional shaving template with a hollow design that provides a sturdy guide for your trimmer or razor, so you can shape your beard quickly and with amazing results.

You simply position the shaving stencil at the desired height and angle using the many points of reference on the template, create the ideal line along your cheek, and use a razor, trimmer, scissors, or electric shaver to define your beard and look great in just minutes. Quick and easy, it’s the best choice for keeping your beard looking great every day.

Product Details:

  • Beard Shaping Tool for Cheek Lines and Sideburns
  • Three-Dimensional Design for Improved Support
  • Hollow Design for an Unblocked View of the Shaving Area
  • Multiple Vertical and Horizontal Points of Reference
  • Ideal for Curved or Step Cut
  • Beard Comb
  • Can Be Used With Barber Pencils
  • Home or Travel Use
  • Easy to Clean and Maintain
  • Trusted Satisfaction with Free Returns and Money Back Guarantee


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